Wanton Magazine Issue 3 2

**The online version of the magazine has been taken down at the request of one of our writers, in line with the CIGM VALUES ‘Artists Do Not Sell Their Souls’**

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Victoria Squirrels: Poster Art, Front page art, Distribution.

Hazelnook Gleemflower: Written Content

Kelly D: Review Photography and Photography Editing.

Dr Rudy Kovarian: Pictures, Written Content, Editorial Contributions.

Philito: Editorial Contributions.

Underground Jim: Written Content and Pictures.

Ashley Carr: Poster Sizing and Typography Design.

Gerbles Fleetstraight: Written Content

Dave Chitty: Editor, Layout and Design, Printing, CIGM CD, Distribution, Gig Guide.

Rek Law: Gig Review, CIGM CD curation, Distribution.



A Huge Thank you to all the bands for contributing your music!

If you want to learn more about each band, click the track name.

TRACK 1: Unicorn Hunters – Ashtray

TRACK 2: Psython – Jormungandr

TRACK 3: Steel Trees – Womb Raider

TRACK 4: Skyligers – Freon 

TRACK 5: Sleep Terminal – Repeat Prescription and Generation Comedown

TRACK 6: Mission Creep – BeefSteak

TRACK 7: Ash Carr – Hundred Beanie Dreams vs Body Party

Track 8: Fletcher Dervish – Senhor Mau MauWant it delivered to your door?

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