Terms and Conditions.

“The Artists” refers to the customer or recipient. “CIGM” refers to Chitty Industrial Groove and Metal LTD.

Merch Booth Out-Of-The-Box

The Merch Booth Out-Of-The-Box will be referred to as “the kit”

All material approved for printing, the final designs shall become copyright of The Artist on receipt of delivery of the kit. This does not include previous designs, that will remain the copyright of CIGM.

The Artist agrees to assign a representative, for all communication, through e-mail. This will be considered the primary point of connection. The Artist agrees to regularly check and respond to updates as required.

A reasonable deadline will be agreed between The Artist and CIGM.

If delivered to a music venue, if the band is not present then staff must be available to take the delivery. CIGM is not liable for damage or loss of the kit while at the venue. Any change to this will be formally acknowledged via e-mail and costs for alternative delivery will be payable by The Artist.

All efforts will be made to ensure that CD’s are in working order and are quality checked, however in the event that there is fault with a small number of CD’s at the point of manufacture, replacements can be sent out, dependant on testing for faults by CIGM. For non-faulty, working CDs, or damaged CDs, The Artist agrees to pay for postage.

For delivery, contents will be insured by the postal agency used. CIGM is not liable for damage in transit.

All material sent by The Artist, including images, logos, music, and all material that could be considered intellectual property; The Artist either holds exclusive copyright, or have the explicit permission of all artists and copyright holders for use commercially , and give CIGM the permission to reproduce said intellectual property, for the practical purposes of completing the kit.

The band assumes all liability for any claims of copyright on material supplied to CIGM. All material will be accepted on good faith, as the property of The Artist.

For the purposes of promotion, images of the final product may be used to promote the CIGM brand and offers.

Unless there is technical fault with the CD’s or misprints on the fault of CIGM (EG phone numbers/social media addresses/qr code links, etc,) that are different than information supplied by The Artist, there will be no obligation to refund or replace by CIGM.

In the case of CIGM misprinting information, misprinted Items will be replaced, on return of misprinted merchandise.

As the items are personalised, once approval has been given on the proofs for printing by The Artist, all sales will be final. If the process of printing has already begun and The Artist wishes to cancel their order, there is no obligation by CIGM to provide a refund. Dependant on how far into the printing process, a partial refund for costs may be given, at the discretion of CIGM.

If the design portion has been prolonged beyond what is reasonable, CIGM will e-mail an ultimatum on further action. The Artist has 5 Business days, (to the time of 5PM on the 5th day) to confirm. Non confirmation will result in all monies defaulting to CIGM. 

In the case of detail changes, The Artist must give CIGM adequate time to make changes before the printing process has begun. All efforts will be made to accommodate changes, but all changes must be accepted and confirmed via e-mail communication.

The Artist agrees that if information is required to complete an order, they respond in a timely manner. The Artist acknowledges that if information is not supplied or that it requires futher editing, it may affect delivery dates and times. CIGM also commits to replying and responding to requests in a timely manner.

At any time, CIGM reserves the right to cancel an order.