Tanglerope to End Racism Once and For All: Oct 15th, White Lion, London Rd, Sheffield, UK.

Tanglerope to End Racism Once and For All: Oct 15th, White Lion, London Rd, Sheffield, UK.

After years of injustice, with the power of blues soaked, honey dipped, steel tipped, gritty slide, heavy acoustic fire; Dave Chitty (handsomest member of Tanglerope) is set to end all racism in a ¼ mile radius of The White Lion on the 15th October, with the power of frikkin ROCK!

As racism continues to thrive in parts of the UK (even after Paul McCartney did “Ebony and Ivory”), Tanglerope has decided to take a stand with local non-racists and musicians to silence and shatter the bigotry that has needlessly been dragging humanity down; like an anchor lodged in the sea bed, dragging down the good ship of positive human progress. (included visual aid)

Oh Racism!


Tanglerope will add firepower to the assault, by rocking the fudge out of people; starting a sexual revolution of blissful harmony of man. At the very least, a statement will be made; that judging people on the basis of skin colour or country of origin (I think that’s xenophobia, but racists use that as an argument, so let’s throw it in there) is f**king moronic by any intellectual standard. Racism is also vastly impractical, as I guarantee at least one gay, Chinese person, helped build the screen you’re using to read this.

Go Away Racism!

Stab in the dark here… but 90% of the food you eat, products you use, medicine you take, plastic you have, ceramics you eat off, the steel you eat with, the furniture you are sat on, the structural integrity of your roof, the stability of your floor, your pension pot (if there is any left… but we are doing racism today), driving ambulances, and all the other literal infinite definitions of “stuff and doing things at all times and in all locations” that you depend on every day for your basic quality of life; is crafted, researched, designed, built, improved and delivered to you by people that are not of your sexual orientation, colour, blood type, or any other arbitrary sudo-scientifically applied statement of difference, that people may apply to define themselves away from you.

The fact we have to go sing-a-song about it, is quite frankly F**KING RIDICULOUS!

To quote Prince “People call me rude, I wish wish we all were nude, I wish there were no black or white, I wish there were no rules” (requires citation).




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