Steve and the Sea: Exclusive Practice Room Session

See Steve and the Sea: Live at Wanton on May 5th, at Plug Sheffield.

See the event on Facebook!

See all of Steve and The Sea’s tunes on Bandcamp.

See May The Night Bless You With Heavenly Dreams and Unicorn Hunters videos!

Get tracks and see possibly the best biographies ever written about  Steve in Wanton Magazine!

Steve and the Sea will be Playing Wanton on the 5th May. We have a load of great bands playing and we really hope to see you down at the gig!

If you want to get cheap tickets, ask one of the bands, or just jump on to the Plug website where there are a limited amount of early bird tickets for only £6.

Next Monday, we have an exclusive video coming out for Abominable Soul! Subscribe to our Youtube Channel.

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