Review: MTNBYWHD: ‘Even Animals and Spiders’

Review: MTNBYWHD: ‘Even Animals and Spiders’




Another continually moving creature of essence blooms forth from the Sheffield based Prog Metal Texture Gear-Shifters Instrumentalist Power Trio. Their Latest track “Even Animals and Spiders” is a uplifting and layered offering that is romantically pleasing, and easy to get lost in.


The track sits in two distinct movements for me. The 1st being and continually evolving movement on a theme, establishing the waltz as your footing, only to defy it almost completely with sharp plays on expectation. It’s almost annoying how they manage to second guess you, but you forgive them easily as you are taken into playful riffs and shifted into gear in a smooth and intelligent way.


The tone is certainly about continually building of tension, with great use of ½ time, full time and double time to tasteful effect, with an almost continually rising of mood. Bookended and reset by some hard stops and delicate dynamics with some very tasty layering, giving a huge sound to the track.


The second movement, builds into a uplifting ‘Mogwai Fear Satan’ esque build up, but with more of a oddly Beatles style major chord progressions in places, mixed with their own unusual brand of ‘Fall Out Boy’ ness, without being overtly predictable or fixed to a lyrical mandate. This gives the closing movement a quirky, but deeply elating feel that burns off into radioactive echos in frozen space.


In places, the track is missing some brutal edge. In the darker sections it slightly lacks real thundering chug and almost catches the edge of a huge doomy sound, but quickly pulls away without capturing the awe that other parts do so well. I felt that with a touch more exploration of these sections, while gaining a bit more brutal richness, without crossing too much the cheeze barrier Dethklok style, would add to their sound immensely.


I also look again at the drums. While seamlessly executed, the sound feels synthetic in places early on in the track. Some parts in the track make me wonder how the hell he is actually doing it (around 2:25-2:30 into the track; how the hell are you hitting the crash, snare, rolling around the toms at the same time! I need to see this live!) The standard of drumming however is top level stuff. Sympathetic to the rest of the music, while technically elegant and defined. This is the best performance I’ve seen out the the drummer so far. Every time I hear his work, it gets better.


What really stuck out about this track, is that MTNBYWHD is only a three piece, but has created this massive and layed sound. This track is really shows the maturity of their ability to create huge soundscapes with the growing cohesion of the band.


I expect a couple more singles out of these guys, but soon they will have to bring a album to the table. Everything is moving in the right direction for these guys creatively. If the pace holds with the undeniable rise in quality of their studio work, the next one should be f**king awesome!


Look to the deep into the metal, and the iridescent glow of the positivity of your sound will shine brighter.

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