100 CD Bundle

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100 CD Bundle


  • 100 professionally duplicated CDs on high quality CD-R media
  • Full CYMK colour Inkjet printed CD label
  • Double sided Full CYMK colour Insert
  • Protective plastic wallet
  • 100 Stickers

Services included:

  • Master Audio CD creation
  • Design and image alteration
  • UK Delivery
  • Data loading
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100 CD Bundle

Looking to sell your music and promote yourself? Look no further.



Q: Why use you?


  1. Our CD duplication check for errors from the master CD, ensuring that no dud CD’s are put into the mix.
  2. All our facilities are in-house and are made in-house, ensuring that any changes can be done quickly.
  3. All of the CD’s are put together by hand, making sure that we are giving you the top quality we can provide.
  4. CIGM is the best value for money. We offer the best price we can find and we are happy to match prices for similar offers.
  5. CIGM is a small, fiercely independent company, that is determined to be the best The UK DIY music scene has to offer.
  6. Every aspect is managed by myself, Dave Chitty: CEO and Director of CIGM. I make the commitments and I fulfil them personally. My reputation is on the line, every time.
  7. checking artwork, adjustments to artwork and design of artwork is included in the price! So if you have something done already or want something designing from scratch; it’s all included in the price.
  8. No hidden costs. Delivery is free and VAT is included. You pay the price on the label.

Q: What is ‘Bleed’

A: This refers to the space on a printed product that may be trimmed in the shaping and cutting process. This area of semi-exclusion ensures that things like phone numbers, addresses, or important parts of the picture are not cut off. keeping important stuff out of the ‘Bleed Zone’ ensures you get a lovely product at the end.

Q: Will The CD’s work in all CD players?

A: After many nights in darkened rooms and tinkering on a extensive variety of CD players (portable, home and car;) we can say with confidence, YES! Although some of them required a bit of cleaning being from the 1980’s.

Q: Why do I need the copyright or permission to use of all my images, fonts, and music?

A: Although there are a lot of ways you can edit images to make them your own, it’s really important to make sure you have permission of the owner. It may come back to bite you and we also don’t want to upset any artists ourselves.

Q: Do you do rush orders?

A: Yes we can! It’s very much dependant if you have the artwork and tracks ready. I may need to do some alterations at our end. However, as long as you have a clear idea of what you want to make, a rush order can be sorted.

Q: I have no idea how to make a CD design. Will design cost me extra?

A: If you have a good idea of what you want, with a few tweaks here and there, the standard price will be what you pay.

I will let you know well in advance if extra charges will be applicable. Consultation is free and we can explore ideas freely. My job is to make your idea come to life, and I will do my best to achieve that.

The last thing I want you to feel is ripped off.

I want you to come back and get your CD’s from me, until you can afford to get 1000 digi-packs done. Then I want to do your promo CD runs after that!


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