Merch Booth Out-Of-The-Box Pack: Making The Most Of Your Gigs 1

Merch Booth Out-Of-The-Box Pack: Making The Most Of Your Gigs



As a band of any size, you need to make your gigs count in terms of gaining new and loyal fans.

Gigging in areas where you don’t have/only have a small following can be expensive, however it’s necessary to increase your popularity, expand your fan base, and get bigger gigs.

In order to make make money, you have to do more than just perform; you have to seek out and connect with new fans of your music.

In order to be successful in music: you need to develop, increase, and maintain your band’s fanbase; while making sure your fans know who you are, and that they come back.

Based on CIGM’s 20 years + worth of experience of working professionally in a live music environment in multiple roles, and feedback from our customers working as music professionals; The Merch Booth Out-Of-The-Box Pack is aimed at:

  • Getting the most fans from every gig
  • Making money at gigs 
  • Making and keeping contacts at gigs.  

As a musician, your merch booth is your essential toolkit to make money in music. It’s also the best space to make and keep new fans of your music.

The Merch Booth Out-Of-The-Box Pack is designed for bands and DJs, specifically to set-up a basic merch area with products to sell right out-of-the-box; tailor made for your band.

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So let’s break down The Merch Booth Out-Of-The-Box Pack


100 Duplicated CD’s


When setting up a merch booth you can sell just about anything, but you always need your music on sale in as many different ways as you can. This will not only earn you money, but it will also be something physical that they can take away from the gig with all your details on to allow your fans to connect with you.

The CDs will work on any CD player and have an inlay card with any information you wish to include (socials, streaming, website, etc). With the in-house consultation and design service included with The Merch Booth Out-Of-The-Box Pack, we can make sure that people who buy your CD and like your music, have every opportunity to connect online, or know where to find out where you next gig is. This is one of the best ways to advertise your music and one of the best ways of making cash with your music.


100 Full Colour Stickers


If people like your music and want to help spread the word, a great way to do this is to give them a sticker. These end up in the most unusual of places and create visibility of your brand in and around the venues you visit. We will design one for you that will give the opportunity to connect with the band through social media, and also be instantly recognisable.


300 ‘Credit Card Sized’ Cards


These can be split into Band and Fan cards.

Band cards are so that you can connect with promoters, bloggers, photographers, reviewers, sound/lightings engineers, venue owners, and other music professionals; in order to secure vital links in the local music community and gain a valuable foothold in the local scene. This can include your personal information, or any communal band contact information needed to establish contact.

Fan cards contain all the details of your band, so fans can stay in contact and you can with engage your audience. Same kind of deal with the Band cards but minus any your contact information, so you don’t have to worry about your personal info becoming public.

This gets you more gigs and more fans in a way that is quick and hassle free.  It is essential to make new friends and fans at new locations, and this makes sure that all essential details go straight into their wallet. It’s also a great way to get people engaged who might not be able to afford a CD then and there. A future sale is just as important as the here and now.


X25 A3 Merch Booth Posters


When you have finished your set, it’s important to let people know what you are selling and how much. Most people are looking for a practical way to support an act they like, and this is a great way of giving fans a clear way, with a clear price, with clear signage that allows you to make an immediate sale.

Every merch booth is different, so we design something fun and eye catching to let people know you are open for business with prices for your products on display. Since the price might vary each night depending on feel, we leave a blank space for changing the price (markers included!)

Here is one we did for Freespirit from London:


X25 A3 Venue Posters


More often than not when playing new areas, you will be dependant on passing trade. Letting people know that you are playing on the night is a great way to get potential new fans watching your band, develops your brand in the venue, and impresses promoters/venue owners. If they see you pulling your weight on the promotion side of things, good promoters will invest time with you and help develop your presence.

Although it’s recommended to flypost in shops and local businesses for your events beforehand, it’s often not economically viable to travel down and advertise. More often than not, regulars of music venues will nip around a venue around load-in time to see who is playing. This is a great way to get people to check you out, become potential fans, and be an excellent way to advertise your band.

This can also be great for securing your next gig while at the venue, and making sure signage is in the venue right away.


X100 Double Sided A5 Flyers


The biggest thing about getting people to your gigs is showing people that you have momentum. When you have just done an awesome show, the best way to passively connect with fans is to leave your details and some of your upcoming gigs on an A5 around the venue. It could even advertise a kickstarter for an album in the works. This is an opportunity to show the people you’ve played to what’s next for you, and a way to find out more. Even if it just information about your act, it’s a great way to build a connection with your fans that may not be a fan of the direct sales approach.


1x Mailing List Book + Pens


The simplest thing on offer, but possibly the most effective tool in getting long term fans and keeping in touch with them.

The best way to retain fans is by getting them to get their name, mobile, and email address on to pen and paper. All people interested in your music will want to hear when you are next playing. There is no more effective way of getting hold of people, than through their personal email and through their mobile.

Old school really does work.

If you take the time to personally give people a shout about your event, they will make the effort to support you. Out of all the tools and technology available to bands and DJs, this always will be and is still the most effective way of getting people to gigs.


X1 Money Box


No merch booth would be complete without a money box. Although this will not directly gain you fans, the importance of having a secure and robust box for cash is essential for any merch area.

This includes sections for change, a space for notes in the bottom, includes a built-in lock, and X2 keys.





It’s vital to ensure that your merchandise and your posters remain in good condition for multiple events. Broken and damaged merch, is useless and unsellable merch.

The Merch Booth Out-Of-The-Box Pack is shipped in a compact and tough corrugated wall cardboard box, with separate sturdy cardboard tubes with caps for the A3 Posters. Although not bulletproof, this will safeguard your merchandise from turbulent on-the-road conditions, resist inhospitable and damp environments, and with care will be reusable for plenty of events.

All items come bundled together in either re-sealable bags or bound in rubber bands, allowing for easy inventory of items, protection from moisture, and quick set up/pack down.  

Although there are a number of creative and interesting ways to create a merch space to get the attention of customers (click here for some great examples), this gives you an immediate way to sell your music to people, will enhance any current merch set-up, and secure fans directly and indirectly without being invasive. Don’t be that great act that no one can remember the name of!

As long as you have a surface and a few quid for change, you can sell your music, secure long-term paying customers, and the best promoters of your music the world has to offer; fans!

Every project’s needs are different, that is why we provide a in-house design and consultation service. So whatever your needs, we can curate something that supports your ambitions.


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  • Helen

    Thanks for the posters for our Quiz fund raising event . Great Quality , great service and really fast too . We will use you again . quality ,speed and good value . I am sure you will go from strength to strength .