Review: May The Night Bless You With Heavenly Dreams EP; People Die and Umami

May The Night Bless You With Heavenly Dreams: People Die + Umami EP

May The Night Bless You With Heavenly Dreams is possibly the hardest name to remember in the history of bands, described by a friend of mine as a band name that sounds like a full circle.

Usually with names and bands like this, it’s a dumb in-joke that excludes you as soon as you take a step towards it.

I am thankfully and very much glad to report that my cynicism has been completely proven wrong. Not only is Jerome of the band a genuinely nice person, his band fucking kicks the shit out of 90% of the tunes I’ve heard since arriving in Sheffield.

You can check out their facebook here. Throw them a like, it’s the least you can do. Now on to the EP.

People Die

As soon as the track comes on, a chorus of guitar that sounds like what Lemmy heard when he passed over. This leads into viking marching drums with a sort of Mogwai feel that unapologetically fires into gut crunching, deep, nihilistic, solid blast of unstoppable carnal rage!

To best describe this track, it’s like ‘Mogwai Fear Satan’ meets ‘Bloodlines’ By Dethklok without the prissy clav and bullshit.

The themes of the track shift between this epic space of the spaced out guitars and this brütal train to hell, playing with very strong levels of contrast dynamically, usually pushing for guitar lead tonal and textural change.

It seems within this song, the composition opts for a doubling effect or half time feel in order to accentuate sections of the piece, becoming more complex towards the end of the track.

A solid track that is introducing itself to the world  that tries to entice its audience directly rather than go for deeper levels of aesthetic.

I very much look forward to a potential Part 2 of People Die… The instrumental nature of the track and the clear themes used in the tracks offer a lot of opportunity to expand in this particular thought space.

Clearly a lot of fun was had with the various effects used. Also as one drummer to another, you fucking kick ass!

Finally a drummer that does not opt for shit double-pedaling and uses that floor tom Bonham style. Need more depth on the floor tom to line it up with the bass drum a bit more, but I could spend hours nit-picking at what is an excellent drum sound.


Starts with almost island-like intro, building into a Nu-Metal sounding despairing fire.

In the theme of this EP, it explores stark contrasts, however there is a lot more going on behind the eyes of this track. Tonally it explores more and uses much more of the open space created by the softer sections with dynamic complexity and structurally, feels less of a jam than People Die.

The longer build-ups give it a sense of maturity. Careful use of expression and flickers of texture in the background with the use of subtle drones, creates a very pleasing soundscape. Brilliant use of texture, especially with the clean up of the reverb around the 5 min 30 mark. Excellent balance of texture, atonalisum and stylistic tonality.

Yet again, my eyes a drawn to the drums (I am a drummer, forgive my bias). This track is very much made by the delicate work with the drums around the quiet sections.

In some sections it does tend to drag a little, but only just. A large amount of verity is used in keeping the sections interesting, but I feel at points that the build-up is just a touch too long.

Also, one final critique is that if you are going to do blast beats, they have to be 100% bang on. I can hear the snare roll and bass drum struggling to keep up at times. I only say this, as the drums are kick ass in so many sections and blast beats are somewhat of a stickler in Metal for me.

You do not suffer from a lack of talent, but a sit down with a click track and some extra sweating and swearing on your own will bring that up to standard in no time.

More complexity, more problems. Awesome track overall!

Live @ West Street Live


May The Night Bless You With Heavenly Dreams are very new to my radar and this EP places much needed context around them. With some solid gigging in the right places and careful avoidance of sucking corporate and scenester cock, these guys have a place in Sheffield’s emerging Metal scene.

An excellent EP that I find a great deal of difficulty in finding fault from the engineering, composition, performance and overall romantic perspective that this EP provides.

But sadly, It only offers such a small glimpse into the world of May The Night Bring You Heavenly Dreams. Given time and well deserved support from the musical communities of Sheffield, we will get that 1st album that now has quite a lot of expectation from myself set on it.

You knock it out the park with the EP, the album has to be something special. Just keep that sense of awesome, which lies in the passion for music that you obviously radiate, and the beautiful people that you are.

Keep being awesome, keep your feet on the ground and you will do well.


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