DaveChitty.com is now CIGM

After much deliberation, re-organisation, content liberation, character assassination, fumigation, elevation and reinstalling photoshop… I present to you CIGM.

Its easier to promote something else and not sound egomaniacal, than using your own name. Most likely it will boil down in the future to a much less ridiculous name that is more in line with modern marketing methods,  however this is much easier to SEO, and the new layout gets you to all the projects I’m involved in, and also it is my new label!

We have tea and coffee facilities, a drinks fridge, we have a acoustically treated practice room, we have a lounge with sofas and tables, a shower, a toilet, a microwave, recording facilities and a load in and out area with lockers. All of which are located in a bespoke creative environment on Kelham Island in Sheffield.

I am currently looking to expand numbers on the roster. go to the Contact Us section to be considered. Painters, Musicians, Poets… we want you if you are creative and make stuff!!

For now, there is two new albums on my artist profile and some old stuff as well!

I’m updating all the stuff at the moment, Lots of exciting things to look at for now!

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