CIGM’s Values

Art is Synonymous and Genrè is Not a Reason To Divide Artists of Any Discipline.

At CIGM, we wish to celebrate nichè creatives and performance artists. It is our fundamental belief that regardless of how your art manifests, be it music, writing, art, illustration, or any other medium of expression; the artificial divide of genrè has no place in commanding it. Art is synonymous and we do not draw lines in the sand on where they should stand.

All Art Deserves A Bespoke Platform.

At CIGM, we work with a number of people in a number of different creative disciplines. We spend considerable time and resource creating platforms to best showcase our many creatives. A number of them lend their skills to support CIGM’s activities, but we strive to create a space for everyone we work with so that their ideas and projects can reach a practical and sustainable format, to allow their work to reach a larger audience. We try to do this with as little compromise to the artist ideas as possible.

Artists Do Not Sell Their Souls.

We help people along the way, we ask for help. We may be demanding, but all the people we work with are their own autonomous individuals and are free to refuse any request we make. We believe that the greatest art is made by free thinking human beings, who have the right, the freedom, the ownership, and the power to control their works. If we work with an artist that does not like what we are doing with their work, we remove it or change it. We seek to enrich everyone we work with, not put them in a position where their work is placed in chains. The moment that changes, we will do what we can to fix it.

Expression Should Be Unfiltered and Honest.

This opens up a lot of issue with hate speech and vitriolic venting of personal views that many people may find offensive. However, we believe that a community that is open to communicate and express itself honestly is one that survives and does better. Every opinion is valid and every opinion is up for debate. If you are offended, then quite frankly it changes nothing. We hold the expression of our artists foremost, as without it we are nothing.

We Bow To No Masters.

From here to Ragnarok and beyond, we do not answer to anyone but the people we love. Any attempt to subjugate us will result in immediate and unrelenting resistance until our last breath, as we are happy to be declared the last of our kind.

We Are Human, and Reserve The Right to Be as Such.

We are not perfect. We will fail. We get upset. We take sick days. We get angry. We get drunk. We hope that you come join us!

People are Important.

No matter what capacity that someone lends their time to us, regardless of voluntary or paid nature of their time; their happiness, their need to belong, their health, their ambitions, and their personal state of mind; are important to us. If someone is discontent, we treat their problems seriously without trying to undermine their point of view, and work to create a compromise. We don’t always fully understand, but we know if something is important. By helping people, we hope to become better people ourselves.

Personal Information is Personal.

We don’t share information unless we have the express permission of the individual. If we send someone something, it is either welcome or we don’t send it.