CIGM: Project CD

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages! A new project has been started in the world of CIGM.

In order to become a respected and independent label, it is important that the means of production at every level we can possibly achieve must be in-house.

For a amateur band, the temptation to simply place your music online and watch as play counts count up behind a computer monitor is rewarding, very important to modern music and being a modern musician, however it is by no means a substitute for a physical product out in the field and established practical methods.

Its great to talk about how many plays your downloads have had, but ultimately its like myspace friends were back in early 2000, they can be bought and sold and have no real world value. Yes, you can focus all your efforts into that route, but in reality these things succeed because they reflect the success of the real world presence the music has.

We are not focusing on CD replication or duplication at this point in time, however we putting together a way to quickly mass produce printed CD’s for promotional use. As a vision, I want every artist that is part of CIGM to be able to head out to their gigs, with a warm box of freshly printed CD’s that they can distribute their recording on a physical level.

With the knowledge of what potential business clients need to know, what we intend to create is an effective way to get music and information into the hands of the people who make or break bands. Nothing fancy, but well presented enough and can be produced with the correct data in less than an hour.

These promotional CD’s will be no substitute for the finished, replicated product from a glass master… you get what you pay for at that level and is currently out of our reach in terms of technology that we can purchase and commonly available information on how to produce CD’s of that quality (basically, I typed it into google, and couldn’t find what I needed straight away).

The aim is, a band wakes up at the crack of noon… they have a gig for “exposure”, but they have (as per every gig they have ever done) forgotten to ask the bassist’s girlfriends to go round and ask strangers of their email, they barely have enough time to think about how they are on their last set of strings and who is providing the drumkit for the gig…

Project CD lets them plug in a USB with some tracks, get them printing out to CD’s, while a printer shimmies out some inserts with their website QR code on the front, with a track list and so on and so forth.

The fact of the matter is, you could do this with just a laptop and 4 or 5 hours spare, but its a thankless job that will more than likely to make you the go to idiot who does all the band utterly boring shite (not bitter at all).

It will be a miniaturized production facility that is able to produce a large number of promotional CD’s, for a relatively small cost, quickly, with a little bit of faffing about.

If you would like to support CIGM in this little project, please subscribe at our patreon page here!

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