CIGM CD THREE: Thank you!

After only a couple of weeks, CIGM CD THREE has be lavishly spread all over Sheffield and the CD’s have made their way as far a Russia!

Thank you for listening to CIGM CD THREE and a huge thank you to all the places that stocked them! almost all 350 have gone in Sheffield in under 2 weeks! Demand seems to keep pushing upwards!

If you would like to see what was on CIGM CD Three, there is a playlist at the top (incase you missed it). Please go to the soundcloud and like the tracks and show the artists some love!

Thank you to Greg Roberts, Undergrass of old, Mordi, Sebastian Gampl and the musical beaches of Anjuna!

And of course you!! Without your patron-ship, this would be nothing, so cheers 🙂


There is a lot of planning, but I hope to make it the largest CD yet! I can confirm at this stage that I plan to distribute in Manchester. I may be charging a small amount for the next one, however there will be a defined list of places that the CD will be available.

Also, some new syndication is on the way and I hope to be producing a number of CIGM “Packs” that will be delivered to your door.

If you want to get involved in CD FOUR. Let me know!

As per usual, the bounds of what CIGM CD’s  is catchy, complex or interesting ideas!

For example, ‘Shape’ on the last CD was a re-working of a Commodore 64 with the bassline idea stolen from Uptown funk! If you want to be part of it, please come say hi, or I may come say Hi to you!

Also, new Syndication of DUMKNT magazine is coming back with nothing but raucous applause and a new copy is in the works.

I am looking to create some new and intresting IP’s in the near future. I don’t want to shoot myself in the foot by blabbing too early, but an event and possibly a TV show may be in the works.

All in the effort of creating new avenues in the creative industries and creating engaging content for people to enjoy, that has some substance and is enjoyable.

I’ll have arts council funding yet if I keep chatting like that (heaven forbid!)

Much Love,

DC xx

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