Dave Chitty

“A fantastically talented drummer with the bumbling charm of a summer Womble.”

I run stuff around here. This is my story:

Born in Runcorn, Liverpool; Christened at the church on the opening titles of Two Pints of Larger and A Packet of Crisps, at the age of one was moved to Doncaster to the smallest house in the sunny suburb of Bessicarr in Doncaster. After many years of mastering Sonic 1 and 2 (and a move to Bawtry), he left school to attend music college and subsequently studied music at university.

Although his education in both classical music and compensatory popular music was formal, he learned to play from jamming at The Leopard in Doncaster and played up and down the country with a number of club bands in WMC’s.

After graduating from his studies, he found himself touring the west coast of India, sessioning and holding a few select residencies in Anjuna playing psychedelic rock jams to crowds of 10,000, as well as small hippy communes, hotels, bars and restaurants dotted along the Indian coast, after rumor of “Bonzo’s” rolling thunder had reached fever pitch through word of mouth throughout India.

He returned to the UK and began a pursuit of becoming a part of the fabric of British and European music, with his tunes being played on BBC introducing, BBC 6 Music, BBC Radio 1, BBC radio 2, as well as a number of publications, notable blogs and distinguished playlists. He has gone to tour Germany, The Netherlands, Europe, and is currently extending his reach of his empire through his creatively named company: Chitty Industrial Groove & Mëtal; where he edits his own zine and runs his own gigs; setting the standard wherever he goes.

To this day, Dave continues to amaze and surprise audiences with his range of styles, instrumental ability, vocal performances, and insatiable love and passion for live music, with remarkable events and performances that have been literally incredible.

Dave continuously dispels the nature of peoples suspicions by creating the unforgettable, unbelievable and remarkable at every show he does.