It’s positively terrible, you have to Ctrl + Alt + Del to leave it, but it’s my first ever game, so I am allowed to be a bit simplistic! DOWNLOAD AND PLAY NOW!  PC only. If you need Win Rar to open it (its awesome) then download here: http://www.rarlab.com/download.htm

CIGM Gameworks Presents: Rollerball

After only a couple of weeks, CIGM CD THREE has be lavishly spread all over Sheffield and the CD’s have made their way as far a Russia! Thank you for listening to CIGM CD THREE and a huge thank you to all the places that stocked them! almost all 350 […]

CIGM CD THREE: Thank you!

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Hi all, Due to the lack of response from Faceache in regard to promoting events from companies with my image and name, I will be making a move to Twitter. I’ve persued this to the fullest extent I can, and sadly I can only offer you a disappointing result. I […]

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CIGM CD Three is set to be quite a landmark! I have one of the best IMHO illustrators doing an awesome fold out for the CD, it’s going to feature eight tracks a number of huge musical talents from my little network of musicians and it’s now going to have its distribution […]

CIGM CD FOUR: How To Get Involved

I will be typing up a factual and concise version for quick viewing at some point, this represents my notes on the project. This is by far the most physical part of the production and judging my level of success, the biggest ball-ache of making project CD. Not only is […]

Project CD: Printing: Printer and CIS installation Part 1

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I think this is the best place to start. If this does’t work, none of the other aspects matter. You can have all the gloss and the design work you want, but unless you have a working promotional Item that can do the job, no point to the rest of it. […]

Project CD: CD Production

My god! there is not much help on the subject… There are plenty of outlets catering to this need, but no real DIY solution. Seems that the music industry needs you to be rich before you are famous… So I thought I would share my R&D into project CD, this […]

CIGM: Project CD #Week 1: Research and Development

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages! A new project has been started in the world of CIGM. In order to become a respected and independent label, it is important that the means of production at every level we can possibly achieve must be in-house. For a amateur […]

CIGM: Project CD

Just Kissed My Baby LIVE Mission Creep At The Boat Inn Retford 23/04/16 Mission Creep Playing at the new refurbished Boat Inn in Retford. Thank you so much to all of the people in attendance, and thank you to HEADS WILL ROLL who headlined and shared the stage with us. […]

Just Kissed My Baby LIVE Mission Creep At The Boat ...

After much deliberation, re-organisation, content liberation, character assassination, fumigation, elevation and reinstalling photoshop… I present to you CIGM. Its easier to promote something else and not sound egomaniacal, than using your own name. Most likely it will boil down in the future to a much less ridiculous name that is more […]

DaveChitty.com is now CIGM